YK Lotion Internation Limited(Short Term YKL) is a Hong Kong based Company, which established in 2017. YKL is doing health supplement and beauty product business currently. The amis of YKL is looking for good quality health supplements and beauty products from the world and provide it to our client. YKL believes that only using heart to treat customer, customer will give us feedback, and only we know what customer need, we will become success. Trust us, as we are doing business, we are consumer also.

When YKL jsut start up,it has imported a product that focusing on skin, eye and joint issue that called Borunnin, which come from Taiwan. Borunnin has awarded some prizes and passed SGS validation when it start issue from Taiwan. Borunnin has passed Hong Kong STC standard also.

YKL has established business relationship with Watsons Group when it established almost half year, and brought Borunnin to Watsons store, it is certificate for a company that established with a year.

YKL hopes besides doing best on promotion and sales, it will continue to import good quality health supplements and beauty products from the world.